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The antique dealer: between enthusiasm and tradition.

Crossing the Province of Viterbo, at the border between Lazio, Umbria, and Tuscany, also the most distracted traveler realizes to enter in an ancient world where the history and the landscape are deeply-rooted in the millennia of time. In this unique frame fits perfectly an activity of enthusiasm and tradition such as antiques and those who love art, even not being antique dealers will not be able not to be attracted.

“It is a real passion and this territory knows how to transmit it to whom loves the beauty, and to whom desires to live ancient values, altough always actual like antique objects.”- Tells Rosella Fiorillo, owner of Antichità Fiorillo, one of the most prestigious Italian antiquarian houses, known all over the world and today showing a big exposure spreaded in the 20.000 square meters  company area along the S.S. Cassia Sud, 54/b - Km 75,840 in Viterbo.

Shortly after having crossed the gate of entry, you are going to find yourself lost in another dimension, in a sort of an involving journey back in time.
“I come from a totally different field”, she says with contagious enthusiasm. Rosella Fiorillo, the owner, now accompanied along this passion by her daughter, Sonia, and her son, Gabriele. “The passion for antiques and the push of my husband, active in the antiquarian field already in the ’60s, have brought me to undertake this road.

Now I feel really fulfilled. In front of an antique masterpiece, a stone fireplace, a medieval fountain, a marble statue, something inside me just snaps, an emotion ignites. Those are the feelings that we want to transmit to our customers, because the art must be lived and felt inside. So selling a unique piece to those who do not appreciate it, it is really not the same”.

Not a simple antiquarian sale: we believe in emotion and high quality  pieces of art.

Point of reference for antiques lovers and continuous destination of private people, architects, designers and collectors in search of particular objects that is here only possible to find.

This is a constant discovery in the world of ancient architecture with stone and marble objects, in the infinite possibilities of their use. To enter in the Antichità Fiorillo showroom does not mean just entering a place dedicated to the sale of antiques. Going inside the exhibitions is in fact how to enter the studio of a great sculptor or perhaps, even better, in a museum where columns, capitals, statues, corbels, niches, carved coats of arms, stone and marble portals are tastefully arranged.   Strong piece and feather of our cap of antiquarian repertoire in the exhibition is a vast selection of stone and marble fireplaces.

Walking between benches, fountains, wellheads, fountain masks, gates, earthenware olive jars, and marble vases destinated to embellish entries and to animate of fantastic vibrations gardens, and also inlaid marble tables of amazing tonalities, antique furniture and antique paintings, one is abducted by a historic silence in which, uses, habits, styles of life, take form in the varieties of the objects, of the colors, of the surrounding materials; Amazing feelings enveloped all these peoples who have spontaneous attention for the antiquity.  

From classical antique to online antiques selling: tradition hand in hand with development.

For sixty years we personally take care of our company with the same passion and the same love, selecting the most particular sought-after objects, coming from the whole Italy, mainly from  both Center and Southern Italy.  

Items in stone and marble that come from Medieval age to the early 1900s, to furnish and decorate indoor and outdoor environments of all dimensions: bases, doors, stairs, ceilings, balustrades, grates, basins, polychrome marble top tables, original floors in terracotta or in decorated majolica tiles of various origins, such as those of Vietri, Naples or Caltagirone.   All items are exhibited in our showroom in Viterbo with a surface of over 20,000 square meters, facilitating our clients in the search of the items, thanks to the quality and the quantity of the displayed material, the professionalism, and the kindness of the staff, the welcome and the charm of the showroom.  

We invite you to visit our antiques online virtual tour to really realize largeness and quality of our offer. If you will come in Italy, why not add a stop to your trip for seeing the real riches of our collection?   Visiting our showroom you appreciate the vastness of the exposition, over 200 stone fireplaces, hundreds of fountains, thousands of reclaimed floors and an infinity of design and furnishing object of various sizes, of every epoch and for every taste.    

Maintaining the attention to our customers and to the value of the pieces presented, in fact, we have decided to combine the modernity with the tradition that characterizes our sector: so here is the possibility to watch our antique online pieces and to request information for the sale of antique treasures that most interest you.  

For sixty years we handle our company, selecting the most peculiar objects and the most sought-after items for interiors and exteriors: fireplaces, doorways, fountains, column, statues, balustrades, vases, top-tables in polychrome marbles, original tile floors in terracotta and painted majolica. All this is exhibited in the 20.000 square metres of our showrooms in Viterbo